What is Activated Carbon?

Activated carbon is a made from organic material crafted to capture and adsorb impurities from both water and air. Das Filters, we exclusively use coconut husks as our source material for activated carbon. These husks undergo a refining process where they are 'cooked' to enhance porosity. Once activated the carbon material is highly adsorbent, perfect for capturing particulates, toxins, and other harsh compounds.


Das Filter: Composition and Benefits

Das Filter is ingeniously designed with three key components: ceramic caps, premium activated carbon, and paper. This trio works harmoniously to provide an unparalleled filtration experience.

Our commitment to a plastic-free products means our eco-friendly filters are a sustainable smoking solution.

This results in a noticeably smoother and milder smoke, elevating your experience to new heights. Once you experience the superior quality of Das Filters, the traditional paper crutch becomes a relic of the past. Embrace the future of cleaner, more enjoyable smoking with Das Filters.

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