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🪨 What's activated carbon?

Activated carbon is a made from organic material crafted to capture and adsorb impurities from both water and air. Das Filters, we exclusively use coconut husks as our source material for activated carbon. These husks undergo a refining process where they are 'cooked' to enhance porosity. Once activated the carbon material is highly adsorbent, perfect for capturing particulates, toxins, and other harsh compounds.

⚙ Filters clogging?

My filter has been clogging up due to significant temperature changes. The combination of hot smoke and cold activated carbon can cause the joint to clog. To mitigate this, place it in a warm area, such as on a radiator or near a computer.

Additionally, taking smaller drags can prevent the 'coal' from becoming too large, further reducing the risk of clogging.

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